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Dispute Resolution

Sellers who make transactions using The Biking Market operate as independent entities and are responsible for resolving disputes with buyers.

The Biking Market is not responsible for any disputes between sellers and buyers. 

Dispute Resolution Tools

The Biking Market provides buyers and sellers with customer service tools to communicate and resolve disputes. Our customer service tool is found in your account and allows buyers to submit tickets to a seller, and allows the seller to manage those tickets to resolution. Should a buyer have an issue with a seller, he/she should submit a ticket to the seller. Once a seller receives the ticket, they should reply to it within 5 business days and work with the buyer to resolve any disputes or issues.

Escalating a Dispute 

In the event that a buyer has submitted a ticket to a seller and the seller has not responded within 5 business days, a buyer can submit a ticket to The Biking Market requesting assistance. The Biking Market will attempt to communicate with the seller in an effort to resolve the ticket.

Buyers can submit a ticket to The Biking Market requesting an investigation of a dispute if a seller and buyer cannot resolve an issue, and the issue pertains to:

  • A buyer who has not received a shipped item
  • A buyer's order has not shipped within a reasonable timeframe.
  • A buyer has received a good that is different from the listed good.
  • If a seller is unwilling to communicate or honor a written valid offer.

Once received, The Biking Market will conduct an investigation into the nature of the dispute. The Biking Market will, to the best of its abilities, analyze the details of the issue and make a decision on the matter.

If a seller is found to be responsible, a refund will be issued to the buyer after 3 business days, in accordance with our terms for refunds, and the seller will be debited a refund charge. The Biking Market will not hold a seller responsible for issues found to arise from shipping carriers.

Sellers can dispute investigation decisions for three days after the decision date. After 3 business days have passed, a dispute will be considered closed.

All tickets submitted to the Biking Market must include:

  • The ticket ID:
  • The Seller’s Name
  • Details about the issue.

Tips for Sellers

  • Use methods to record, track, and verify a delivery.
  • Keep communicating with the buyer during the whole dispute process.
  • Treat a dispute with care and work to resolve it. Your reputation as a seller may depend on it.

Tips for Buyers

  • Ensure that your shipping information is correct at all times.
  • Be mindful and take appropriate measures to ensure your package is safe when delivered to your residence.
  • Double-check listing handling times.