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Inventory & Orders

Last Updated: 2022-05-25


Inventory Management

Inventory synced using the TBM API is auto updated. Product details, options, and inventory counts are considered "alive"" in your TBM listings.

Manage your products in your e-commerce system, and changes are reflected in TBM automatically.

Note: The API currently only supports Shopify users. Excluding inventory counts, product details updated in TBM do not currently change Shopify details.


For synced products, purchases made on TBM will be reflected in your connected e-commerce system as a ready to fulfill order. Order status and shipping (tracking) changes made in your e-commerce system auto-updates in TBM and auto notifies the customer of the change.

Customer Information

Customers originating from TBM are not stored in your e-commerce system's customer directory. Customer data can be accessed using your TBM Seller Admin.


Payments for orders will be sent to your connected Stripe account. If you don't have a stripe account connected, customers will not be able to purchase your products.

Sellers are responsible for their own product shipments on TBM. Although we highly encourage free shipping, real-time estimates can be provided to customers at checkout via our shipping partner Shippo.

For sellers (api & non api users) who have products that are not free shipping or have a standard shipping cost, you will need to create a shippo account and enter the credentials into your TBM settings for real-time estimates to calculate at checkout.

Note: Shippo is needed to provide auto-shipping calculations on TBM, even for api users. Shippo is free and offers rate discounts on TBM shipments. In addition, you can aggregate shipping from all of your online sales channels into one place.

Each seller is responsible for managing their own returns and refunds. Refund requests from customers will be sent to your TBM Seller admin and an email will be sent to your email.

For api users, refund status changes can be managed in TBM or your connected E-commerce account. Your TBM seller admin allows you to manage refund requirements, communicate with custoemrs, and more.

Note: Refund payments are processed in your Stripe dashboard. Simply locate the purchase and process the refund.

Note: Additional customer functionality (messaging, etc.) is available in your Seller Admin. The Biking Market is considered a marketplace facilitator for tax purposes. We partner with Taxjar to ensure taxes on purchases are calculated correctly.

Managing Inventory

Inventory is managed in the inventory tab on each product's page. There are three inventory management options to choose from:

1. No Inventory Tracking - Will not show inventory in the product catalog, and inventory will not be tracked.
2. Track Inventory at Product Level - Shows inventory and tracks the total number of a products in stock, without considering attributes like size, color, etc. How-to?
3. Track Inventory at Attribute Level - Two options to choose from:
Track only defined combinations : Only specified combinations of attributes will be tracked. All undefined combinations of available for purchase. How-to?

Only Sell defined combinations: Only specified combinations of attributes will be listed for sale and tracked. No undefined combinations are available for purchase. How to?


Managing Orders

Orders are managed from the orders drop-down tab in your Seller Admin. There you will be able to:

Browse all orders - Easily find orders by period, status, and more.
Manage Ordered Products - Update order status, add order notes, communicate with buyer, and more.
Create New Orders for Customers - Create orders new orders for customers.
Manage work order Journals - Send quotes, notate work performed, and more.

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Disclaimer:The information provided on this page is not a guarantee of successful online sales.
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